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Avago 1000BASE-T RJ45 SFP Transceiver Module

  • Brand: Avago
  • Part Number: ABCU-5710RZ
  • Condition: Factory New Sealed
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ships: Typically within 2 Business Days
  • Warranty: 3 Years


ABCU-5710RZ - Genuine Avago 1000BASE-T RJ45 SFP Transceiver Module
The Avago ABCU-5710RZ electrical transceivers offer full-duplex throughput of 1000 Mbps by transporting data over shielded and unshielded twisted pair category 5 cable with 5-level PAM (Pulse Amplitude Modulation) signals. The ABCU-5710RZ differ only in handling of RX_LOS signal functions, as explained further on the following pages.

The Avago 1000BASE-T module takes signals from both the twisted pair category 5 cable and the SerDes interface. Pin count overhead between the MAC and the PHY is minimized, and Gigabit Ethernet operation is achieved with maximum space savings.

  • RoHS-6 Compliant (see Table 1)
  • Designed for Industry-Standard, MSA Compliant Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) Ports
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3:2000
  • Custom RJ-45 connector with integrated magnetics
  • Link lengths at 1.25 Gbd: up to 100 m per IEEE802.3
  • Low power, high performance 1.25 Gbd SerDes integrated in module
  • Single +3.3 V power supply operation
  • Auto-negotiation per IEEE 802.3:2000 Clause 28 (Twisted Pair) and Clause 37 (1000BASE-X)
  • Compatible to both shielded and unshielded twisted pair category 5 cable
  • Configuration: ABCU-5710RZ: RX_LOS disabled
  • Rated for Commercial Temperature applications (0° - 70° C)

  • Switch to switch interface
  • Switched backplane applications
  • File server interface

  • Form Factor: SFP
  • Max Data Rate: 1000Mbps
  • Max Cable Distance: 100m
  • Media: Cat 5e/6/6a
  • Connector: RJ-45
  • Power Consumption: <1W
  • DDM/DOM: Not Supported
  • Commercial Temperature Range: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
  • Bit Error Ratio (BER): 1E-12 
  • EMC (Electro Magnetic Compatibility): Supported
  • Protocols: IEEE Std 802.3 and 802.3ab, SFP MSA Compliant


This ABCU-5710RZ is 100% genuine Avago product. It won't have any compatibility problem with your Avago devices. And the Avago 1000BASE-T RJ45 SFP Transceiver Module is factory new with original packaging. Buy it now and enjoy risk free purchase with fast worldwide delivery from GenuineModules.com

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