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Genuine Transceiver Modules

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Brocade 4x16G FC QSFP+

Brocade XBR-000245 4x16G FC QSFP+ SWL Transceiver Module, 57-1000294-01

The Brocade XBR-000245 4x16G Fibre Channel transceiver is a QSFP+ transceiver for optical communications, rated for distances up to 100m and a maximum bandwidth of10Gbps. The XBR-000245 transceiver operates at 850nm wavelength. Brocade 4x16 Gbps Fibr..


Brocade XBR-000232 4x16G FC QSFP+ SWL Transceiver Module, 57-1000267-01

This Original Brocade 4×16 Gbps Short Wavelength (SWL) FC-Compliant Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP) Optical Transceivers, part of the Brocade family of optical transceivers, are optimized to fully leverage Brocade 16 Gbps backbone and switch ..


Brocade XBR-000228 4x16G FC SWL QSFP - 50m Transceiver Module, 57-0000090-01

Brocade 4x16G FC SWL QSFP - 50m Transceiver Module, 1-pack 57-0000090-01FeaturesCertified Quality and ComplianceAll Brocade transceivers undergo rigorous qualification and certification testing that results in an end-to-end solution that is easier to..


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