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Cisco SFP-10/25G-CSR-S 10/25GBASE-CSR SFP28 Module for MMF

  • Brand: Cisco
  • Part Number: SFP-10-25G-CSR-S
  • Condition: Factory New Sealed
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ships: Typically within 2 Business Days
  • Warranty: 3 Years


Genuine Cisco SFP-10/25G-CSR-S 10/25GBASE-CSR SFP28 Module for MMF
The Cisco 25GBASE SFP28 (Small Form-Factor Pluggable) portfolio offers customers a wide variety of high-density and low-power 25 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity options for data center and high-performance computing networks applications. The 25G Modules are based on SFP28 form factor.

Features and benefits of Cisco 25G Modules
  • Interoperable with other IEEE-compliant 25G interfaces where applicable
  • Certified and tested on Cisco SFP28 ports for superior performance, quality, and reliability
  • High-speed connectivity compliant to IEEE 802.3by and IEEE 802.3cc

Cisco SFP-10/25G-CSR-S

The Cisco 10/25GBASE-CSR Module supports a link length of up to 300/400m over OM3/4 at 10G, and up to 300/400m over OM3/4 at 25G*. It also supports link lengths of 82m over OM2 at 10G, and up to 70m over OM2 at 25G.

This module requires RS-FEC on the host port for full reach operation at 25G. Using BASE-R FEC the module can support 70/100m over OM3/4 and with-out FEC it can support 30/50m over OM3/4 at 25G*. For 10G operation FEC is not required.

  • Product Number: SFP-10/25G-CSR-S
  • Description: Cisco 10/25GBASE-CSR SFP28 Module for MMF
  • Connectors: Dual LC/PC connector
  • Cable Type: MMF
  • Wavelength: 850nm
  • Cable Distance: 
    • 70m (25G), 82m (10G) @ OM2
    • 300m @ OM3
    • 400m @ OM4
    • 400m @ OM5
  • Transmit Power (dBm):
    • 10G: -7.3 to +2.4
    • 25G: -6 to +2.4
  • Receive Power (dBm):
    • 10G: -9.9to +2.4
    • 25G: -8.7 to +2.4
  • Transmit and Receive Wavelength (nm): 840 to 860
  • Operating temperature range: Commercial temperature range: 0 to 70°C (32 to 158°F)
  • Storage temperature range: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
  • Pull Tab Color: Peach
  • Max Power Consumption: 1.2W

Platform support
Cisco SFP-10/25G-CSR-S is supported on a wide range of Cisco equipment.
  • Cisco N9K-C92348GC-X
  • Cisco N540X-ACC-SYS
  • Cisco NCS-5501-SE
  • Cisco N9K-C93180YC-FX
  • Cisco C9500-48Y4C
  • Cisco N9K-C92160YC-X
  • Cisco N9K-X97160YC-EX
  • Cisco N540-ACC-SYS
  • Cisco NCS-5501
  • Cisco N9K-C93180YC-EX
  • Cisco C9500-24Y4C
  • Cisco N9K-X96136YC-R


This SFP-10-25G-CSR-S is 100% genuine Cisco product. It won't have any compatibility problem with your Cisco devices. And the Cisco SFP-10/25G-CSR-S 10/25GBASE-CSR SFP28 Module for MMF is factory new with original packaging. Buy it now and enjoy risk free purchase with fast worldwide delivery from GenuineModules.com

We have received them and already tested. It works fine.


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