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Genuine Nokia 472580A.101 6G 15km 1310nm SFP+ Transceiver Module RTXM228-618 SPP-8F-LR-IDFF-SA2

  • Brand: Nokia
  • Part Number: 472580A-101
  • Condition: Factory New Sealed
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Ships: Typically within 2 Business Days
  • Warranty: 3 Years


472580A.101 - Genuine Nokia 472580A.101 6G 15km 1310nm SFP+ Transceiver Module RTXM228-618 SPP-8F-LR-IDFF-SA2
The Nokia 472580A.101 is a high performance, cost effective modules, which is supporting Multi Rate 3.072-6.144Gbps, and transmission distance up to 15km on SM fiber. The transceiver consists of two sections: The transmitter section incorporates a 1310nm DFB Laser and a driver. The receiver section consists of a PIN photodiode integrated with a transimpedance preamplifier (TIA) and a Limitting Amplifier. The module is hot pluggable into the 20-pin connector. The high-speed electrical interface is base on low voltage logic, with nominal 100 Ohms differential impedance and AC coupled in the module. 
The optical output can be disabled by LVTTL logic high-level input of TX_DIS. Transmit Fault (Tx_Fault) is provided to indicate that the module transmitter has detected a fault condition related to laser operation or safety. Loss of signal (RX_LOS) output is provided to indicate the loss of an input optical signal of receiver. A serial EEPROM in the transceiver allows the user to access transceiver monitoring and configuration data via the 2-wire SFP Management Interface. This interface uses a single address, A0h, with a memory map divided into a lower and upper area. Basic digital diagnostic (DD) data is held in the lower area while specific data is held in a series of tables in the high memory area.

  • Genuine Nokia 472580A.101
  • Up to 15KM transmission distance
  • Support Multi Rate 3.072-6.144Gbps
  • 1310nm DFB and PIN receiver
  • SFI electrical interface
  • 2-wire interface for integrated Digital Diagnostic Monitoring
  • SFP+ MSA package with duplex LC connector
  • Hot pluggable
  • Very low EMI and excellent ESD protection
  • +3.3V power supply
  • Power consumption less than 1.0W
  • Operating case temperature: -40~+85°C

  • High-speed storage area networks
  • Computer cluster cross-connect
  • Custom high-speed data pipes
  • LTE optical repeater application

  • Compliant with IEEE 802.3ae-2002
  • Compliant with MSA SFF-8472
  • Compliant with MSA SFF-8431

  • Part Number: 472580A.101
  • MPN: RTXM228-618, SPP-8F-LR-IDFF-SA2
  • Form Factor: SFP+
  • Data Rate (max): 6G
  • Connector: Dual LC
  • Wavelength: 1310nm
  • Distance: 15km
  • Transmitter: 1310nm DFB
  • Receiver: PIN
  • Rx Sensitivity (dBm): <-14.4
  • Diagnostics: Digital
  • Voltage Supply: 3.3
  • Power Consumption: <1w
  • Operating Temperature: -40°~ 85°C


This 472580A-101 is 100% genuine Nokia product. It won't have any compatibility problem with your Nokia devices. And the Genuine Nokia 472580A.101 6G 15km 1310nm SFP+ Transceiver Module RTXM228-618 SPP-8F-LR-IDFF-SA2 is factory new with original packaging. Buy it now and enjoy risk free purchase with fast worldwide delivery from GenuineModules.com

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